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The Need for Environmental Solutions

Magnesium is a metal for the 21st century. It is light weight, recyclable and versatile. The diversity of our company’s suite of alloys and production process technologies means that we are well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in industries as diverse as 3C’s (cameras, cell phones,computers) with AM-lite and the automobile industry with AMHP2 plus and AM-EX1.

However, it is with AM-cover and AM-converter that we expect to make the biggest immediate financial and environmental impacts.

The growing global concern over climate change has lead to an interest within the magnesium industry to find an alternative to the SF6 based protective atmosphere that has been used for the past 35 years. The greenhouse effect or Global Warming Potential (GWP) of SF6 is 23,900 times that of C02. The emergence of mechanisms, under the direction of the UN, to quantify reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, and the establishment of markets to trade carbon credits generated from these reductions has resulted in significant financial incentive to implement technologies such as AM-cover, which reduces greenhouse emissions by over 97%.

AM-cover is one of three alternatives approved by the UN in their methodology to replace SF6 in the magnesium industry. AM-cover offers excellent protection of magnesium and compared to the other alternatives there are significant advantages in safety and implementation. Companies specialising in carbon credit trading and facilitating the complex process for approval of emission reduction projects have taken notice of the potential offered in switching from SF6 to AM-cover. Aggressive marketing by these firms is expected to result in significant opportunities for growth in the licensing of AM-cover during the next year. For the magnesium industry the carbon credit revenue resulting from switching to AM-cover removes financial barriers to making the change. For our company, the availability of carbon credit revenue opens the possibility of negotiating a share of this revenue and structuring a more flexible licensing arrangement for the use of AM-cover. The revenue from just a small share of the potential carbon credits can be two to four times that available from the expected AM-cover licensing fee.

AM-converter is being successfully used for in cell recycling by cold chamber die casters in Europe. Its potential market has been broadened to include hot chamber die casters and Chinese primary producers and in the past few months its environmental credentials have been recognised. In addition to enabling users to reduce operating costs and increase productivity, AM-converter operators are able to lower the use of cover gas, decrease energy use and emissions and substantially reduce waste that would go to landfill.

Carbon Trading

Use of cover gas in the magnesium industry is essential. It protects molten magnesium from severe oxidation and allows the metal to be handled safely. Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) has been the gas of choice to date, providing a non-toxic, safe and odourless gas protection system. Magnesium typically requires approx. 0.5kg SF6 per tonne molten magnesium to be protected. However SF6 has a global warming potential of 23,900 tonnes equivalent CO2 per tonne SF6, and in today’s environment, Governments around the world are moving to phase out the use of SF6 by 2008. AM-cover™ offers similar benefits to SF6, but with the added advantage of lower operating costs, significantly improved melt losses, and a reduction of up to 99.6% in greenhouse gas emissions i.e for each tonne of molten magnesium protected, AM-cover™ could avoid 22,000 X 0.0005 X 0.996 = 11.0 tonnes CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions. Molten magnesium needs protecting when it is produced as primary metal, and also when ingots are remelted for diecasting.

Market mechanisms have been established with a view to assist companies and governments achieve compliance with greenhouse gas emissions reduction obligations established by the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. The market mechanisms consist of Joint Implementation (JI) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project mechanisms, and provisions for International Emissions Trading.

AM-cover qualifies under the Kyoto Protocol project-based mechanisms as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project; provided it can be established that:

  • There is an evident and quantifiable significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The technology being employed is world best-practice.
  • The greenhouse gas emissions intensity represents an improvement upon the business-as-usual scenario.

Projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from a baseline scenario can generate carbon credits (CERs) which can then be sold. The spot market value of these CERs is yet to be established, but could have a value between US$5-10 per CER. (CERs have been traded on a forward basis at between US$5-15 historically).

According to the World Bank report, issued earlier in May this year, ‘State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2006’, the overall value of the global aggregated, carbon markets was over US$10 billion in 2005. In the first quarter of 2006, overall transactions worth US$7.5 billion had led some to predict that this new financial market would be valued at between US$25-30 billion in 2006.”

When It Comes To Knock Down Rebuild Designers Melbourne

When It Comes To Knock Down Rebuild Designers Melbourne

Are you starting to feel like your current home no longer meets your needs? Are you tired of settling and are ready to live in the home of your dreams? If so you may want to get in contact with knock down rebuild designers Melbourne.

When most people think about getting the home of their dreams, they immediately think they will have to up and leave the neighborhood they have lived in for most of their life. And while in the past that may have been true, with knock down rebuild designers Melbourne you can stay right where you are.

A knock down rebuild is exactly what it sounds like. A builder will knock down your existing home and rebuild a completely new one in its place. It is a great option as it allows you to get the home you love without going through expensive renovations. And besides being expensive, renovations are also very restricting as there is only so much you can do with an already built home.

If you are interested in working with knock down rebuild designers Melbourne, here are a few things you must consider first. The first thing you will need to do is sit down with your knock down rebuild designers Melbourne from www.luxurylivinghomes.com.au/knock-down-rebuild-melbourne and decide on how you want your new home to be designed.

The great thing about working with knock down rebuild designers Melbourne is that you are in complete control of how your home turns out.

Once you have chosen a design the designer and his team will need to check into things such as planning regulations, driveway position, street access, drainage, power supply and depth of block just to name a few. You should also consider these things when you are deciding on the design of your home.

Once all the details have been ironed out, the knock down rebuild designers Melbourne will get to work. Since your new home will be built from complete scratch, you will get to see it being built every step of the way.

Key Elements for a Successful Business Web Design

Key Elements for a Successful Business Web Design

Business web design will differ according to the type of business the design is for. Businesses offering some type of service will require different features and formats than businesses selling products.

Service Oriented Business Designs

The key to having a successful service oriented website is to keep the appearance clean and the navigation easy. This web design will use a navigation bar or heading for each page to make it easy for customers to move within the site. The design will also use easy to understand text in describing what the service offers.

This type of web design from GMG Web will often include actual photos of the physical building the business is located in. For repair services, the website could also have before and after photos of previous jobs the company has completed. It is important for the design to include contact information for the business, as well as a way for the business to track how many visitors the site gets.

Retail Business Designs

The web design for a retail business will generally have more pages to navigate than a service design. If the business offers online shopping, every item available for purchase will have a photo and brief description. Items could be broken into page categories to make locating them easier for customers.

A retail business web design could provide customers with an online chat for immediate assistance. Additional features could include informational pages for shipping, pricing and refunds, as well as a place for customer feedback on their transactions.

Save Money And Time With Removalists In Melbourne

Save Money And Time With Removalists In Melbourne

Hiring removalists in Melbourne is one of the easiest ways to save both money and time during a move. These professionals can assist with all aspects of the relocation process. With their help, you can protect your belongings during transport, avoid the stress of driving a large moving truck and get settled into your new home or business right away.

Let Others Do The Heavy Lifting

Cheap Interstate Removalists in Melbourne at Fragile are skilled in lifting heavy, cumbersome items. They can safely and successful navigate steep stairwells and narrow hallways, whilst carrying your treasured belongings. They also have a wealth of commercial-grade moving equipment that make the process of transporting heavy items a lot easier.

Get Packing Assistance

Many removalists in Melbourne provide a comprehensive array of services. Not only will they transport your furnishings, boxes and other belongings, but they can also assist you with the packing process. Best of all, you can count on removalists in Melbourne to provide high-quality cartons, packing tape and other packing essentials for ensuring that fragile items are in no way damaged during your moved.

Enjoy Continuity

Both private consumers and business owners can benefit from the services provided by removalists in Melbourne. For companies, however, these professionals make business continuity possible. Employees can continue focusing on the needs of clients throughout the actual move, whilst removalists handle all of the hard labor. Businesses can also look forward to swift, seamless transitions as they will have a much easier time getting set up in their new locations with this assistance.

Peace Of Mind

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with removalists in Melbourne, however, is the fact that these entities maintain full insurance policies. Thus, if any items are broken, lost or otherwise damaged during transport, people can get their full replacement value. This is rarely the case when consumers attempt to manage these efforts on their own.